International Food and Agriculture Law Scholarship and Consulting

Books and Publications

International Farm Animal, Wildlife and Food Safety Law

International Farm Animal, Wildlife and Food Safety Law
(Springer 2017)

The first book with a comprehensive focus on farm animal welfare and the broadly connected intricacies relating to food law.

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International Food Law and Policy

An interdisciplinary handbook and textbook for lawyers, regulators, policy makers, and anyone interested in the field - a landmark masterpiece.

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Advancing Food Integrity: GMO Regulation, Agroecology, and Urban Agriculture

The newest textbook about GMO trade and regulation, urbanisation, and environmental regulation.

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Environmental Resilience and Food Law: Agrobiodiversity and Agroecology

Stay tuned for this new publication in 2019!

Law Reviews and other Publications

Steier has been a prolific scholar. her publications are available on her Publications Website and on SSRN.